Mission Statement:

HeeBeeGeeBee Healers is a grounded oasis that creates a nurturing environment and provides healing services for the HeeBeeGeeBee community and all of Black Rock City. Our community's intention is for the healing energy we cultivate to spread into the greater world, promoting love, healing and a higher state of being for everyone.

Who We Are

We are here to change the world one Burner at a time by healing the residents of Black Rock City, beginning with ourselves.

Our camp consists of 65-70 people and will be located next to Ashram Galactica, the exact street address to be determined...

What We Do

Our Healing Tent is open to the public Monday noon-6pm and Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm.

Our Classroom offers an array of workshops ranging from morning yoga to intimate touch, and the ever popular Monkey Chant.